In Favignana, apartments surrounded by unspoiled nature and by the most typical Mediterranean spicy smells… In Favignana, the residence "Elisir" will let you live your holidays in total relax. Quality Award Winner 2015


Favignana by boat

The itinerary includes several stops at some of the most beautiful coves; usually the first to be visited is the wonderful Cala Rossa (Red Cove), in reality it has light turquoise blue color water and you could ask "where does its name come from?".

Old sailors will tell you the ancient legend in their traditional style. You must bathe in the crystal-clear water of Cala Rossa.

Favignana -

Then it's the turn of Bue Marino, a zone of ancient tufo quarry in the sea ("tufo" is a typical yellow Mediterranean stone), but unfortunately they are now abandoned.

After Punta Marsala we reach Cala Azzurra (Blue Cove), another amazing water place and we go on in the south coast of the island. Grotta Perciata, Lido Burrone, i Calamoni e poi Punta Lunga e the little Island of  Preveto, then we coast the area of Stornello, with its rich seabeds. Soon after we find Cala Rotonda and Cala Grande, from here on milder sunny days you can even see the island of Marettimo.

The lighthouse of Punta Sottile marks the beginning of shoaly waters, not far we find the Faraglione, a natural reserve. Here the zone of the caves starts, they hardly can be seen by boat because their entrances are very narrow, therefore you can visit them only with suitable small gozzi (very small boat).

* All trips depend on weather conditions, on windy days they are routinely cancelled.

Levanzo by boat

In Levanzo you can visit the amazing coves, such us Cala Minnola and Cala Tramontana, and their rich seabeds, and you can also visit the Grotta del Genovese (Genovese Cave). It is a cavern on the ground and to see it a stop is necessary, you will get off the boat and you’ll have a walk of less than 100 mt. In the cavern you’ll find the guardian, who is also the tour guide, he will lead you to the visit of this ancient testimony of a fascinating prehistoric civilization: on the walls of the cave are engravings and drawing graffitis representing animals and human shapes of about ten thousand years ago.

* All trips depend on weather conditions, on windy days they are routinely cancelled.

Marettimo by boat

It is considered the most spectacular and “savage” among the Egadi Islands, Marettimo is a divers paradise. Because the island is a total Marine Reserve the waters are pure and unpolluted: in some areas only swimming is allowed and the boats have to switch off their engines. The boat trip around Marettimo is a marvellous stream of several beautiful pictures one after another, there are numerous caves that you can visit by boat and coves of clear water that create amazing light and watercolors. Among the most famous caves are the Grotta del Cammello and Grotta Perciata.  

* All trips depend on weather conditions, on windy days they are routinely cancelled.


Visit of the Island surrounded by the saline (salt) and of the Whitaker Museum, it’s one of the most important museum of the history of Punic civilization. The most interesting piece is a statue of extraordinary beauty representing a boy, it’s an original greek of the V B.C. made of white marble.


Visit of the Dome, dedicated to San Tommaso of Canterbury. The church treasure is made up of eight big arazzi of the Flemish school of the ‘500, they are in the Arazzi Museum, behind the Cathedral. Then you will visit the Archaeological Museum of Baglio Anselmi and the Punic Ship that was part of the cartaginese fleet fighting the roman one during the Aegates Battle.

It’s also suggested a tour of the wineries Florio, De Bartoli and Pellegrino where the doc Marsala wine is produced.

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